American Wagyu Beef Cattle for Sale

Steak Center Cattle Company began breeding Fullbloods in 2006. Our success can be attributed to careful monitoring of our calves and livestock. Each new calf is closely monitored and observed to ensure it obtains its proper first dose of colostrum and achieves the mother-offspring bond.

Every year we choose the very best bulls for reproduction. We have expanded from 20 acres to 2,200 acres of land to offer a variety of sections that are dedicated to breeding, raising and weaning baby calves. Our Japanese Foundation Wagyu Cattle are able to free-range all year.

All of our cattle are DNA verified, RFID tagged, vaccinated and registered. Also enrolled in the IMI Global Solutions Program, and age source verified beef programs. Eligible to export! Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality Cattle and the available embryos and semen.