Farm To Market Program

Full Blood Wagyu Beef for SaleSupply your operation with the world’s highest quality beef for a fraction of the cost.
This program is an economical way to add higher quality 100% Full Blood Wagyu beef to your menu.
Cut out the middleman and start virtually producing your own brand of beef with all the cattle raised to your exact specifications and methods.

Steak Center Cattle Company facilitates all operations for a small per-head monthly management fee.
You won’t need any property, employees, equipment, or facilities, for we can supply it all.
The Farm-To-Market program is low risk since you have total ownership and control of the cattle throughout the entire process.

All animals are 100% DNA tested registered Full Blood Wagyu cattle, and the top of their Japanese bloodlines.
We offer recommendations and relationships, but all meat is processed to your specifications, at a facility of your choice.
Cattle can be fed and or processed in the United States or Canada.

Steak Center Cattle Company specializes in registered Full Blood Wagyu Cattle breeding stock.

  • The company began breeding Full bloods in 2006.
  • Our herd is raised and nurtured in lush pastures on the banks of the Bear River in Soda Springs, Idaho.
    • Since our cows and calves graze on natural and irrigated pastures Steak Center Cattle Company is considered “clean and green”

Our story, the ES brand originated in 1858.

  • It was passed down from generation to generation and is still in the family today

Steak Center Cattle are raised on land that the original pioneer ancestors settled in during the 1800’s.

  • Throughout time the property transferred ownership, but ultimately stayed in the family hands of the original settlers

Wagyu Beef

  • Wagyu beef is known for its marbled high quality beef
  • Wagyu beef has a lower monounsaturated fat to saturated fat ratio than other beef, so it is healthier
  • 40% of the beef is stearic acid, which has a minimal impact on raising cholesterol, and has 30% higher in fatty acid Conjugated Linoleic Acid than other breeds.

All of our cattle are DNA verified, RFID tagged, vaccinated, and registered with the American Wagyu Association. 

  • After purchasing Full Blood Wagyu Cattle owners will receive registration certificates.
    • Proof of purchase as well as DNA certifications
  • At 6 months of age cattle move onto a feed lot

Ownership begins at the point of purchase, continues through the feeding program of your choice (grass-fed) or grain-fed. Animals are harvested between 24-30 months old. (1500-1800lbs)

  • Reports will be issued monthly to ensure weight gain and food fed
  • Client will be billed monthly.

At 30 months of age or 1600lbs cattle move to harvest.

Steak Center Cattle Company can facilitate harvesting, packing, and transportation of beef for an additional service charge. Click to contact us today.